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Car Care – Tyre Pressures

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Scirocco Inflation Chart

Tyres are one of the most underappreciated and most overworked components of cars in Singapore nowadays. Let’s be honest, when was the last time you checked the side walls for damage or even know what tyre pressure your tyres should be at? Fear not! Oil Servicing at Syncrowerkz has its benefits. Pressures will be checked for you as part of the service.

Did you know that an incorrectly inflated tyre can:

  1. Reduce the lifespan of the tyre
  2. Increase braking distance
  3. Cause excessive and sometimes localised wear
  4. Cause the sidewalls to be at risk of damage
  5. Affect your fuel consumption
  6. Adversely affect the handling of your vehicle
  7. Be unsafe

Your car would have come with a little sticker at either the door jamb or the fuel lid for Volkswagens. Knowing how to read the sticker and how to apply could mean an improvement in at least – shall we say – 100% of the above; We’re not kidding here!

Here are some places where Tyre Pressure Stickers can be found and what they look like:

Manufacturers do have their own ways of defining when a specific tyre pressure should be applied but the consistency between them is that the pressure figures are applied Cold. It’s terribly impossible to do that unless you own an air pump at home or at work when you feel the sudden desire to inflate your tyres. But let’s take that with a pinch of salt and apply those figures anyway – That’s unless you believe in driving it like you stole it; even to the service station.

The other consistency is the attention to detail, denoting the recommended pressure based on the passengers in the vehicle. The chart is split into two parts, one for the front and one for the rear.

For example, the Volkswagen Scirocco Inflation Chart has conveniently and considerately marked out the various SI units kPa, bar and psi together.

So, for us PSIers, it’s an easy read of 33psi, a near equivalent of 230kPa or 2.3 bar. Still following? Good!

Look to the left and you’ll see a few human figures and gold bars; no, luggage sadly. If you happen to only be carrying a few passengers and possibly her shopping bags, refer to the upper row. This means you should have at least 230kPa / 2.3bar / 33psi in both the front tyres and rear tyres.

Should you be carrying double siamese twins – what are the chances of that? – and their shared luggage. Inflate the front tyres to 36psi and the rear tyres to 42psi.

At Syncrowerkz, we manage tyre pressures for you during your visit for our Safety Inspections. Click here to find out more about our services.


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