Home Can you tell me more about coolant flush & top up for my Jetta?

Can you tell me more about coolant flush & top up for my Jetta?

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You’ll be looking at options for coolant-work.

Our first option involves manually draining the coolant system in your Volkswagen Jetta through the disconnection of certain pipes. This will allow the existing coolant to be drained out. From there, the coolant will be topped up and the cooling system bled as best as we can; There might be some air pockets left in the cooling system for this process but it will eventually be bled out through normal daily usage. This may result in the dropping of the coolant level and the low coolant alarm may sound. This is expected and all that’s required, is to top the bottle with coolant. Read more here

Our second and more complete option requires the involvement of our Coolant Clean machine from MotorVac. It offers an extremely high percentage of coolant evacuation / change. The machine connects up to your Jetta engine and behaves like a dialysis machine. This ensures a near 100% change rate as compared to the standard coolant drain method. A radiator conditioner is also included in this service to flush out contaminants which will affect the cooling systems’ efficiency. Read more here

Both options will take about an hour to complete.

Let us know if you would like these services conducted for you

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