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What is the recommended mileage for oil change?

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With advancing technology, extended oil changes are possible. This is achievable with VW approved long-life oils. The cost of the extended/long-life oil is easily double the amount of a standard oil change.

  • It is entirely up to you for an oil change BUT synthetic oils rated under VW 502/505 will last 8,000kms. The upper end of this range is of course 15,000kms but take into account
  • environment of Singapore,
  • quality of petrol (petrol when combusted does contaminate your engine oil),
  • quality of air
  • traffic conditions (creating heat which also affects engine oil)

and you’ll soon want to change your engine oil sooner rather than later.

At Syncrowerkz, we recommend the following oil servicing schedules

  • Audi: 5,000kms – 7,500kms
  • Volkswagen: 7,500kms
  • Porsche: Manual recommended
  • Lexus: 10,000kms
  • Honda: 10,000kms


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