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What suspension options do I have? Why?

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We do offer a couple of solutions to suit your needs. We’re simplified the selection process to this:

  • Desire to maintain comfort & height
    • KYB (Germany)
    • Bilstein B4
    • Original
  • Desire to maintain height while increasing handling (turning performance)
    • Bilstein B6
  • Desire to lower the vehicle, whilst reducing a little on comfort
    • Bilstein B12
  • Desire to lower the vehicle and increase performance
    • Bilstein B12
  • Desire to increase performance at all cost
    • Bilstein B14
    • Bilstein B16
    • Ohlins Road & Track
    • Mitins

If you do have special requirements, please do email us to find out more about the available specialist services to suit your needs.


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