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Hot & Toasty Brake Fluid

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Super Sport Brake Fluid

A Volkswagen owner dropped by for servicing. As part of our Syncrowerkz service, we checked the condition of his brake fluid using our electronic brake fluid tester. To his surprise, the fluid had already gone past the Amber warning light and was showing RED. This means the fluid had already absorbed more than 3% moisture.

For the majority of vehicles running around, the brake fluid used is glycol-based. Glycol-based fluid is hygroscopic…meaning it absorbs water/moisture. When brake fluid has any water content, the boiling point is lowered. In fact, the boiling point falls as much as 50% when water content reaches just 3%.

Quoted from wikipedia :
Brake fluid is subjected to very high temperatures, especially in the wheel cylinders of drum brakes and disk brake calipers. It must have a high boiling point to avoid vaporizing in the lines. This vaporization is a problem because vapor is highly compressible relative to liquid, and therefore negates the hydraulic transfer of braking force.

So at your next service, do ask your mechanic to check the QUALITY of the brake fluid, not just the quantity – At Syncrowerkz, you don’t have to.

At Syncrowerkz, you can choose from VW Original (380°F / 193°C) or Martini Racing Super Sport brake fluid (593°F/ 312°C) or even the Hi Performance GS 610 (626°F/330°C)

Check out some images of brake fluids and how they can be analysed:

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