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PSA : ‘There’s no brakes… hold on and pray’

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Newspaper reports and vehicle recalls internationally, have all been targeted at remedying oversights in the area of safety. It proves that safety always needs to be on our minds in everything we do.

Umbrella lodged under pedals

Umbrella lodged under pedals

As of late, we’ve been noticing that umbrellas have been migrating from their natural habitat, and are now found within passenger cabins – resting dormant between the drivers seat and door sill. Like a coiled snake, it leaps out to strike at the most opportune time with a deadly venom that disables braking / acceleration and other foot-pedal related actions. The result can be an expensive hospital bill.

The problem lies with the potential for an umbrella, or a similar implement, to get in the way or impede proper foot pedal operation. Remedial actions like the depressing of the brake pedal to stop in time – behind a car or before a wall, or a tree – or to accelerate out of trouble.  It’s not something that is foreseeable unless we are always have our eyes on safety. Another aspect is the guaranteed loss of concentration from operating the vehicle (driving) as the driver will no doubt be attempting to reach down or kick the implement aside. This leaves 4 passengers in the hands of a distracted driver.

The passengers of that vehicle will not foresee this danger BUT they will be partaking in it – when it happens. They are not in the drivers seat nor do they have a caring workshop to evaluate and inform them of the dangers; That having an umbrella stashed away like that has the potential to be life-altering. It’s not a game show, so the element of chance (“Oh it’ll never happen”) should never be used in any situation concerning life of self and others.

So far, we’ve been outlining the possibility of it happening, but how will it happen – You ask? The answer is : Every time you utilise the brakes. The U-hook umbrellas and straight handled umbrellas are equally deadly. The materials used to fend rain off are typically slippery and hydrophobic. The chance of the implement sliding forward increases ever so slightly. After speaking to some of our owners, it is a clear and present danger. Some say it has happened before and it did shock them but the umbrella still returns to the side, stashed away for another time. The shape and design of the umbrella doesn’t alter the fact that it will impede remedial action when urgently required.

Might we suggest that we eliminate the possibility of chance and recommend that the umbrella be placed on the passenger side or be tied down to prevent it from sliding forward?

Please do ask for a Cabin Safety Assessment on your next visit to Syncrowerkz. We care for your safety.

Please do also share this article with your friends so we can work together to make it a safer world for motorists.

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