Vehicle Inspection

Be informed and have a pre-purchase inspection done before signing any documents for a pre-owned vehicle!

Vehicle owners and used car dealers spend hundreds of dollars detailing the body and interior of a vehicle but looks can be deceiving! Bringing your mechanic-friend car-shopping is sometimes not enough either.

A proper pre-purchase inspection should be performed by a qualified and experienced technician. A comprehensive inspection generally takes 1.5 – 2 hours where the vehicle is hoisted and can be inspected from the underside as well.

Our specialists will perform a functional and visual inspection and will prepare a report noting items such as service items, safety items and mechanical issues to name a few. We will also scan the vehicle’s computer systems for stored fault codes. These items can sometimes be costly and can aid in the negotiation of the final price of the vehicle. After the inspection, we will review the report with you, the potential buyer.

Main Features

On-Time Appointment

Providing you the lowest waiting times in the industry. Accurate scheduling allows you to get more done with the least amount of downtime.

Computer Diagnostics

Marque-specific diagnostic software available to manage and control available functionality for dealer-like operations.

Fluids Testing

Examine accurately the fluids in your vehicle, for it’s serviceable lifespan and whether it is still fit for purpose. Diagnostics testers give a clear answer.

Safety Inspection

Don’t end up with lemons. Have your dream car inspected with us, and prevent otherwise expensive repairs that are uncovered during an inspection with us.


No-Frills Inspection

  • Vehicle Safety Inspection
  • Fluids Testing
  • Printed Report
  • Time Required: 1 hr

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Standard Inspection

  • Vehicle Safety Inspection
  • Fluids Testing
  • Comprehensive Chassis Check
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Test Drive
  • Printed Report
  • Time Required: 2 hr

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Premium Inspection

  • Vehicle Safety Inspection
  • Fluids Testing
  • Comprehensive Chassis Check
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Engine Compression Test
  • Test Drive
  • Printed Report
  • Time Required: 2.5 hrs onwards

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What Do We Check?


  • Engine Oil Level
  • Transmission Oil Level
  • Clutch Oil Level *
  • Power Steering Fluid level *
  • Coolant Level & Concentration
  • Distributor Cap/Rotor *
  • Ignition Timing & Dwell Angle*
  • Fan / Drive Condition
  • Cooling System Hoses & Connections
  • Check Air Intake Filter
  • Check Air Conditioning Cabin Filter
  • Check Exhaust Pipes & Mountings
  • Check Driveshaft
  • Check Engine Mountings/Gearbox Mountings
  • Check For Oil Leakage
  • Check for Unusual Damage (Cracks / Leaks)


  • Clutch Pedal *
  • Clutch & Brakes Fluids (Moisture Content)
  • Parking Brakes
  • Brake Line Pipes & Hoses
  • Brake Linings & Drums
  • Brake Pads & Discs
  • Tyres & Inflation Pressure
  • Steering Wheel, Linkages & Transmission
  • Driveshafts condition
  • Wheel bearing condition
  • Fuel Tank Cap, Lines & Fuel Connections
  • Ball Joint & Dust Covers
  • Front & Rear Suspension


  • Battery Level/Condition
  • All Vehicle Lightings
  • Windshield Washer Water
  • Windshield Wiper & Washer Nozzle
  • Battery Condition
  • All Power Windows Operation*
  • Electrical Mirrors Operation*
  • Central Locking Operation*
  • Horn Operation