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Syncrowerkz on TripAdvisor!

by admin
tripadvisor sticker with the Syncrowerkz job sheet

tripadvisor sticker with the Syncrowerkz job sheet

We’re now listed on TripAdvisor.com.sg! No, we’re just kidding. We just found the stickers to be very cute and eye-catching. We then decided to place our job sheet next to it.

Our Syncrowerkz Job Sheets are filled up with pertinent information on the jobs that need to be conducted on your precious vehicle. After visiting Syncrowerkz, you’ll find that you no longer have to contend/battle with information sharing by needing to tell the advisors, every single mechanic in the shop and including the janitor about how your car feels and what symptoms you have encountered. Do it once, over the phone/email, with our advisors and we’ll go through it with you before work begins, to ensure that we’ve recorded the jobs required accurately.

Our job sheets help us to ensure that what you need is checklisted appropriately. Spoken instructions to our floor crew go unmanaged. So, have a chat to our advisors so they may record it and check that it is done.

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