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The Automotive Battery

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The car battery is an often overlooked component that is critical to the daily operation of your ride.

How many of you have found yourself stranded, when you were still driving happily only minutes prior? Current maintenance-free batteries work great… until the last and final crank before
It is not sufficient to just check the battery voltage alone. The only way to tell FOR SURE how healthy your car battery is, is to test it with a battery tester… and not just any tester. With our Digital Battery Analyzer, we can tell exactly how much capacity is left in your battery and whether it needs changing.

Batteries are paramount to a cars capability to function. Without one, a car would not be able to start; Quite sure it will roll down a hill easily but it may not even allow a car radio to be switched on, in the midst of a zombie apocalypse because it’s out of juice. Granted it’s that important; How are manufacturers helping us end-users keep an eye on the health of our batteries? The following are the ways we have been provided with:

Battery Indicator Eye
The Battery Indicator Eye is a window into the health of the electrolyte in the battery. This allows us to determine if a battery is in good health or nearing the end of its life expectancy. It is capable of telling us if the battery is useful or not, however it should always be taken with a grain of salt as we have seen batteries that would not start a car, but still have a GOOD rating in the Indicator Eye.

Battery Indicator Eye

Battery Indicator Eye









Vent Cap
The Vent Cap is one way to top up the electrolytes but also a good way to find out if the electrolytic fluid is a little low. Keep it topped up with distilled/battery water and all will be dandy till the day it leaves us for battery heaven.

Battery Vent Cap

Battery Vent Cap

To be really sure of your batteries health, get your battery checked now; Included as part of our regular servicing. At Syncrowerkz, there’s no guess work. We invest in equipment that will give us, and more importantly you, peace of mind and the confidence to drive away knowing your cars are in good hands.

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