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Volvo S80 Spark Plug Change

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Volvo S80's Brand New Spark Plugs

Volvo S80’s Brand New Spark Plugs

This Volvo S80 encountered issues with its idling. The owner was describing an issue with the lack of acceleration as well as vibrations from  the engine whilst stepping on the accelerator.

Troubleshooting the issue, there was only a couple of issues that might create this problem of rough acceleration.

  1. Spark Plugs
  2. Coil Packs
  3. Chamber Compression
  4. Fuel Filter Clogged

From our diagnostics computer, the ECU assisted us in zero-ing in on the exact chamber which was giving us issues!

Through the process of elimination, we very quickly eliminated the possibility of Compression Loss and Coil Packs – Leaving the Spark Plugs. A few minutes later, the Volvo S80 was purring smoothly again.

With specialty tools and a quick mind for troubleshooting, it’s no wonder we resolved this in record time!

Have a look at the Spark Plugs that were from the Volvo, the reddish hue suggests that Unleaded was used (What a genius, granted todays reliance on Unleaded petrol), but also the mild corrosion found on the positive electrode.

Volvo S80 Spark Plugs

Volvo S80 Spark Plugs – New & Old (From left)

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