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Website Feature: Online Calendar & Appointment Form

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Discover, immediately, available time slots with a quick glance of our calendar and reserve your preferred time slot with our appointment reservation form.

As responsible car owners, we’re always at the mercy of our workload and/or commitments. As we take on life, our cars’ needs can fall by the side; and executed like an after-thought and dreaded because of the uncertainties following that, e.g. When can I go down? How long do I have to wait? What if I can’t get it looked at? Can I make it back to my meeting in time? What time do I collect my car? Can they fix it today? I only have this time available, so can they accomodate me? That’s a lot of what-ifs to handle in under 60 seconds.

We’ve listened to your feedback and experienced it ourselves. As such, we believe, having more control of our time should be as easy as thinking about it. But we’re not mind-readers yet – Not yet. So we pooled our minds together… How could we simplify the process?

These were our aims:

  • Zero-hassle Reservations : Choose your preferred time slot, weeks in advance at your convenience.
  • Syncronised Appointments : Use your favourite calendar app and be syncronised with us for your visit.
  • Estimated Completion time : Plan around us with the estimated finish time.

The following tools will help us to achieve just that, read on to find out more!


Picture of the Syncrowerkz Online Schedule, available at www.syncrowerkz.com.sg/schedule

Only you know your schedule best!

Browse through our calendar to determine the most suitable day and time for your visit. Only you know your schedule best. Save the hassle of negotiating over the phone.

Experience the ease of using our exposed schedule to make an informed decision on when your visit should be.

There are opening, closing & lunch hours that we abide by. That information is situated on the right hand side of the webpage to assist you.

Click here to discover the calendar at https://www.syncrowerkz.com.sg/schedule.



Syncrowerkz Appointment Form for Booking your servicing inLet us know what suits you!

By letting us know early, you’re setting yourself up for a successful and smooth visit. You will receive an email in response, by our team member, during office-hours. Due to the possible complexity of situations, please do wait for a confirmation email.

We may have to suggest an alternative time. So, please do not take offense, we still love you. The reasons will pertain to the success of the visit. We ask for your kind understanding.

** Sometimes, just sometimes, our response emails get sent to spam (Simply because our emails look too good!).Please do check or add us to your allow-list!


All-in-all, we thank you for choosing Syncrowerkz as your automotive services partner. Please do browse our website for information that will help you to make more informed decisions for your vehicle.

Thank you!


Car care is easy, at Syncrowerkz. The Syncrowerkz difference – from a caring & advancing professional automotive service provider

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