Your Engine may be Living on Shaky Ground

Engine Mounts

Lately, the female owner of this particular Toyota Picnic noticed that she had been feeling vibrations, of sorts, of the unsolicited kind…

When aging of the bushings occur, engine vibrations transfer themselves through the collapsed bushings into the cabin, causing discomfort and annoyances in an otherwise comfortable & quiet family car.

Like most street cars, engine mounts are made from metal and rubber. It is without a doubt that the rubber can easily be the first component to go, in this marriage. Our specialists may only be able to exert a few kilograms of force onto the engine mount whilst the engine – most weighing easily 100 kilograms. It is definitely safe to say that engine mount will fail to perform under those conditions.

Get a grip on unsolicited vibrations NOW with our signature Syncrowerkz in-house safety check. Designed to uncover deep-set issues so you know the health of your vehicle instantly.

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